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Finding the Right Manufacturing Apprentices

Finding the Right Manufacturing Apprentices

It has been suggested, encouraged and broadcasted across a range of different industries that in order to grow, a number of UK industries need to increase the number of people who are in apprenticeships and training in order to meet a skills demand or deficit. This is very clearly felt in the construction industry, but is applicable for a wide range of trade based positions.

However, the head of a Gateshead manufacturing business has spoken out about the difficulties in attracting the right sort of candidate for apprenticeships with their business. Managing Director of Gate 7, the decal manufacturer, Kate Wickham has spoken out about the struggles that are faced by the manufacturing business, and no doubt she is not alone.

GATE 7 is known for being at the top of the league table for Apprenticeships. As a part of their Apprenticeship scheme the company has three apprentices to their 42 employees. The apprentices working with the business are employed in a number of vital areas for the business. However, it has been said that in order to get the most out of offering Apprenticeships is to find the right apprentices. It is difficult for companies to find candidates that have the skills that can be refined through an apprenticeship.

There are also challenges assessing people’s abilities by looking at a CV, especially the skills of a fresh-out-of-school 16-year-old who has a very limited level of experience. It is important for companies looking to take on apprentices that they meet them face to face in order to get a better gage of their personality, work ethic and ability.

Gate 7 has a range of major UK clients such as JCB, Caterpillar and Komatsu and is also a very successful exporter, with their exports making up 60% of Gate 7’s revenues.

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