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Belzona UK Appoints New Managing Director


Belzona UK has announced that Mr Jérémie Maillard has been appointed as Managing Director.

Mr Maillard is the newest appointment following the creation of Belzona UK as an independent distributorshipin January 2024, servicing the UK with industrial repair and maintenance solutions.

With eighteen years within the Belzona community, Mr Maillard’s expertise ranges from Mechanical and Chemical Engineering as well as Business Development and sales. Beginning his career in 2006, providing technical advice and training to international Distributors, he went on to offer commercial support to increase the market penetration of Belzona solutions in Europe and Africa.

More recently, Mr Maillard was instrumental in establishing an independent Belzona Distributorship in Germany, overseeing the North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Thuringia regions. With this experience, Jérémie is ideally placed to provide a new vision for the domestic UK market.

Asking Mr Maillard about his mission as newly appointed Managing Director, he says, “We want to strengthen our position in the field of composite repairs and specialist protective coatings and assist the key industries present in the UK. Our aim is to offer end users the opportunity to use Belzona solutions, either themselves, via our own Application Team or via a Trained Contractor.”

Mr Maillard continues, “I will communicate the strategy for the next three years with specific industry targets to ensure optimum cohesion and collaboration between the various aspects of the business, including: Sales, Training, Application Service, Customer Service and Marketing.”

Belzona is a global leader in providing repair and maintenance solutions to all industries. Belzona UK was established to create specialised focus in supporting industries to help conserve equipment and facilities within the UK. Our solutions empower the industry to reduce its ecological footprint by rehabilitating and sustaining the life and performance of its physical assets.

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