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Woodland Obtain BRCGS Accreditation Across Major UK Sites

BRCGS Food Safety : Woodland Obtain Accreditation

Woodland Group are proud to have received top grades of the globally recognised BRCGS Food Safety, Packaging, Consumer Products, Storage and Distribution Certification across its Coventry and two Doncaster facilities. Having received a grade A classification across two of its sites and a grade B across its third site, Woodland Group places amongst some of the top BRCGS accredited facilities. 

Woodland Group has seen significant fulfilment and distribution growth over recent years that resulted in the opening of two additional facilities in the UK. In view of its expanding footprint in the food and beverage industry and the increase in client demand, Woodland Group decided to obtain its BRCGS certification to verify its high quality standards and continue to develop positive product safety and quality culture throughout the company. 

BRCGS is a wide-reaching accreditation that certifies all products, food, and non-food, to be stored and distributed of the highest quality and safety standard. 

Woodland Group’s accredited sites have a legal responsibility that the product is stored and distributed to said standard, covering:  
●    Increased Housekeeping and Hygiene
●    Monthly BRC operations and senior management meetings
●    Site specific risk assessments,
●    Customer complaints and corrective attraction processes
●    Root Cause analysis
●    Traceability processes
●    Site, Vehicle, and load security processes
●    Increased Pest management
●    Allergen and chemical management
●    Internal Auditing
●    Quarterly company objectives which will be monitored using a range of KPI’s and trend analysis tools

Woodland Group have introduced dedicated quality teams at the 3 sites to work alongside management to facilitate BRCGS standards every day. 

As a result, our clients benefit from:
●    Increased company protection legally
●    Reduced product recalls
●    Reduced complaints and rejected products.
●    Increased confidence and customer trust, opening new market opportunities
●    Increased product traceability
●    Regular reviews and assessments to pinpoints areas for continuous improvement
●    All product handled to the highest standard of care and attention from source to final delivery 

Woodland’s aim is to continue to build on its accreditation to achieve the highest possible BRCGS grade across all sites and to be able to meet its growing client demand for product safety and quality management. 

Caroline Murphy, Woodland Group’s UK Head of Fulfilment Operations comments: “The BRCGS accreditation is a key step in our ongoing development to meet our clients’ needs, as well as our utmost commitment to offering excellence and unparalleled quality. It offers plenty of opportunity for growth to all stakeholders, both internally as teams grow and find new operational efficiency and externally as we open new markets for clients and partners, continue to enhance and expand on our service offering, and are able to increasingly mitigate risk. It’s a strategic investment for long-term success for our entire ecosystem, and we’re hugely looking forward to further building on this.”

If you want to learn more about our BRCGS certified fulfilment and distribution solutions, please contact us here.

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