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Results Indicate Hope Between Manufacturing Companies

Results Indicate Hope Between Manufacturing Companies

The results of a conducted investigation of 461 manufacturing companies based around the United Kingdom have shown that a wave of optimism is spreading across the country in the manufacturing sector.

The CBI Industrial Trends Survey seems to have found that the amount of order rates that have been made to manufacturing companies has actually risen at breakneck speed from July 2014. Similarly, the amount of requests for products has gone up very speedily, as has the rate of methods of production in order to meet these increased requests for manufacturing. These details therefore seem to indicate that manufacturers are feeling positive about the future of their businesses, despite the shock and unrest on the markets as a result of the EU referendum.

A great deal of firms around the country have in fact felt that the popularity and demand is so great that they are seeking plans to have greater storage space and facilities so as to manage their increased activity even more. Many of the companies that were surveyed were also reported to have underperformed the least ever since the year 2015, suggesting that companies are consistently delivering and matching their target objectives. On the other hand, a large number of those interviewed by CBI reported their thoughts on the evident lack in skilled workers around the country. For 25 per cent of those that were surveyed, this is a very pressing worry for them that they will need to investigate in order to preserve the future of themselves and the manufacturing industry in this country. Not since 1989 have individuals in the manufacturing industry voiced so many concerns about this frightening issue, yet there is hope that now that the issue has been raised, companies will do more to ensure that their workforce is more skilled for the work that needs to be done. Through various plans, possible intern- and apprenticeships, the manufacturing industry can work together to resolve this issue.

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