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Why Is MIG Welding So Popular in the Automotive Industry?

Why Is MIG Welding So Popular in the Automotive Industry?

The automotive industry is synonymous with MIG and TIG welding, every car made has welded parts, but now most of this welding is automated and done by high-tech welding machines. However, welding is still a critical skill for workers in the automotive industry, especially for those who work as car mechanics.

The most common types of welding used by car welding specialists are MIG welding and TIG welding, but which type is used will depend largely on which type best suits the repair needs of the car. 

The majority of day-to-day welding in the automotive repair industry will include repairing cracks, rust, dents, as well as repairing issues with the vehicles electrics or wiring.

While TIG welding has the advantage of being suitable for welding a larger number of metals and alloys than any other process, in this article we’ll be focussing on the benefits of MIG welding in the automotive repair industry.

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MIG Welding

Automotive welding requires highly skilled welders to perform an array of different welds, from removing and repairing rusted metal, to welding exhausts or fixing cracked panels. And for many of these processes, MIG welding is the most popular choice. 

A quick and precise solution, and boasting the ability to be able to weld both aluminium and steel, MIG welding can also be used for bodywork, as well as for repairing axles and chassis. 

One reason that this form of welding is so widely used within the automotive industry is that it can handle a much wider range of metal thickness than TIG welding. This means that no matter the material, or the thickness, it can be used effectively without sacrificing the strength of the weld or the overall appearance. 

Another key benefit of MIG welding is that it is a one-handed operation. Unlike TIG welding, which requires a filler material to be added in order to create the fusion between the metals you are welding, this generally requires either two hands, one to add the filler metal and one to hold the welding torch, or requires two people.

MIG welding on the other hand (no pun intended), uses a wire, fed through the welding gun, to act as the filler metal. As it is fed through continuously you have one free hand, which can be used to great effect to manipulate the materials you are working with, or even to hold other tools. This means that often MIG welding is quicker than most other welding methods.

Why Opt for Automig Welding Machines by Migatronic?

At Engweld, we stock and supply a wide range of welding machines, torches and consumables. Covering MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Stick Welding, and Plasma Cutting.

Some welding machines are better suited than others for use in the automotive industry, and Migatronic has a range of sturdy, tried and tested MIG welding machines that are perfect for the automotive industry, the Automig range, an auto business classic. And here at Engweld, we’ve got two fantastic models available from this range.

The entire Automig range, now into its 7th generation, has been specially designed for quality in the automotive industry, making them perfect for the thorough mechanic. 

Migatronic Automig 233I

We’ll start with the Migatronic Automig 233I, which comes with a 3m MIG torch and a 3m earth lead. Robust, hard-working, and reliable, even in heavy-duty environments, you really cannot go too far wrong with this great little unit.

Specially designed for welding and MIG brazing in high-tensile steel and galvanised steel, it features a four-roll wire feed to ensure precise wire feeding which assists with smooth welds.

  • Step regulated – Control the welding current with a simple turn of the knob.
  • Built to last – Guaranteed to live a long life.
  • User-friendly control panel – Even with your welding gloves on.
  • Spot-interval settings – Ideal for stitch welding new materials.

Find out more: Migatronic Automig 233I Includes 3M Mig Torch 3M Earth Lead 

Migatronic Automig 273I Duo 

Our second recommendation is the Migatronic Automig 273I Duo, which is designed again for MIG welding and MIG brazing, working with high tensile steel and galvanised steel, and has been specially developed to aid professionals in car repair shops to join various materials.

The Duo version has two welding torches, with two wire rolls, each featuring the same four-roll wire system as the Automig 233I, enabling the user to immediately switch between welding and MIG brazing operations. The 7th generation of these iconic welding machines has been built and designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the automotive industry. 

  • Features a digital, synergic control panel which comes with pre-set welding programs for your convenience.
  • Boasts a pulse and double pulse system.
  • Torch regulation allows you to control a host of features with the buttons on the torch itself.
  • Simple software updates can be carried out with an SD card to ensure it is capable of meeting all future requirements.

If you have any questions about either of the welding machines featured in this article or to enquire about any other products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Us 

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