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Tunnel to Track: LeShuttle Transports Over 1,000 Elite Supercars to LeMans

Tunnel to Track: LeShuttle Transports Over 1,000 Elite Supercars to LeMans

Le Mans is home to the most famous 24-hour endurance race in the world and this year the event is set to take place on 12th – 16th June, with thousands of motoring enthusiasts making the pilgrimage via LeShuttle to partake. 

The LeShuttle terminals will be alive with the roar of powerful engines, with over 1,000 supercar and elite sports car journeys already booked around the weekend of the race. These special vehicles require the wider single deck carriages, which can accommodate 48 cars per shuttle. This will be amongst the most expensive cargo to travel under the Channel, with many of these cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds each, and some a lot more than that. 

This year, LeShuttle travellers will be treated to the sight of Hertz Team JOTA’s impressive Porsche 963 show car, which will be on display at the LeShuttle terminal from 10-30 June. The show car from the Kent-based racing team is an example of the vehicle that will contest the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship at Le Mans, and will include amongst the talented driver team none other than F1 World Champion, Jenson Button. 

More than 100 Ferraris are due to cross under the Channel this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, along with 80+ Aston Martins and 30+ McLarens. Other marques include Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Porsche, Morgan and Noble. 

To get to Le Mans, LeShuttle will have you and your precious cargo across the channel in a mere 35 minutes, after which you can take a direct route from Calais via the A28 and arrive in around 4 hours and 25 minutes. If you’re planning a longer trip and have time to see more of France, why not take the A1 and A11 to enjoy all that Paris has to offer on your way to Le Mans?

Read more about Le Mans here, in LeShuttle’s guide: 

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