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TrackIt Advantage: Vehicle Statusing and Delivery Management for Operations of All Sizes

TrackIt Advantage: Vehicle Statusing and Delivery Management for Operations of All Sizes

TrackIt Advantage: Vehicle Tracking, Status Loops, and Messaging Work to Recapture Unproductive Time and Drive a More Efficient Fleet

Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider for the heavy building materials industry, is thrilled to introduce TrackIt Advantage, the newest addition to the company’s TrackIt offerings that provides businesses with a streamlined yet powerful solution to manage their fleet operations. Operations of all sizes can leverage this cloud-based technology for vehicle tracking, driver management, and delivery operations.

TrackIt Advantage is a lighter version of our industry leading TrackIt product that encompasses an array of cutting-edge features designed to support the needs of heavy building materials producers and suppliers. This telematics solution delivers many of the same core value as TrackIt by combining vehicle tracking, status loops, time and attendance, and messaging capabilities, enabling businesses to get the most out of their existing resources.

With TrackIt Advantage, dispatchers know the precise location of vehicles in as little as 5 seconds, eliminating the need to place customers on hold or waste valuable time tracking down their order details. This real-time precision gives businesses a leg up on the competition, helping them deliver goods as promised and exceed customer expectations.

TrackIt Advantage offers businesses the flexibility to choose their preferred device options. Whether you prefer to leverage your own Android and/or iOS devices or opt for tablets provided by Command Alkon, TrackIt Advantage seamlessly adapts to their needs. There is also the option to mix device types across fleet and drivers.

The industry will experience greater efficiency in the following ways:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking with precise map location and automated delivery statuses, enabling time savings in the delivery cycle.
  • Two-way messaging for seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Time and Attendance tracking for efficient monitoring of driver performance, resulting in savings of approximately 20 minutes per driver by reducing non-productive trucking activities.
  • Open for integration with both Command Alkon and third-party solutions, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Available integration with MOBILEticket, removing the need for drivers to fill out paper tickets and empowering them with next ticket displays as soon as existing ticket is submitted.

“With Command Alkon’s 45+ years of industry and technology expertise and TrackIt’s vast network of over 50,000 drivers and 11,000 active web users, we proudly set ourselves apart from the rest, leading the way in truck tracking and telematics innovation,” said Diego Larrea-Puemape, Global Product Manager at Command Alkon.

Command Alkon is the global leader in software and technology solutions for ready mix, concrete products, asphalt, aggregate and cement suppliers. With over 45 years of industry expertise, Command Alkon’s services and products empower heavy building materials suppliers to improve production and quality control, dispatch and trucking, and office efficiency and performance. For more information, visit

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