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Toyota to Focus on Product over Function

Toyota to Focus on Product over Function

In what seems like it may be a response to Honda’s unveiling of a landmark new structure, Toyota Motor Corporation has since stated that, it too, will make major changes to the structure of its operations in a bid to also improve processes across the wider company.

With the new wave of structural changes set to start on the 18th of April, it is key to note that the company has, in fact, already implemented a number of key changes to improve the robustness and autonomous nature of its regional operations, with a keen focus on learning and problem solving on-site as a means to provide training for staff. Yet, despite the changes thus far, Toyota does still have too much of a reliance on time and resource consumer, cross-functional coordination; instead, the company looks to pursue a structure based more aptly around the product than function.

Though Toyota does not claim that the changes to structure will provide the ultimate solution to some of the challenges faced in the company’s processes, the organisation does regard the changes to be quite the opportunity for it to enhance its workforce and support the delivery of even better cars. And of the objectives, the changes will link very much into the many of the company’s work processes, including both manufacturing, and research and development so as best to enhance the differing business units so that they can make quick, and fluid decisions in an independent manner.

Most specifically, research and development, manufacturing and production engineering where function maintains the organisation of process, will subsequently be divided into mass production or advanced categories which can then be allocated to each company in the group. In support of this, affiliates of Toyota will also be made responsible for vehicle redevelopment while production can then also assist the in-house companies as and when needed.

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