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Tiger Trailers Deliver Bespoke Trailers to Maxi Haulage

Tiger Trailers Deliver Bespoke Trailers to Maxi Haulage

Tiger Trailers has provided Maxi Haulage with their first delivery of 40 trailers. The trailers that have been manufactured by Tiger are unique, and feature a new and innovative design that will help to boost productivity for their customers.

The ground-breaking trailer design created by Tiger Trailers features a new 13.6-meter tri-axle, step framed fixed double deck trailers. These trailers will first be put into use transporting retail cages in between the UK and Ireland. Tiger Trailers were commissioned by Maxi Haulage to create a solution that would offer the haulage company a completely flat lower deck but would also meet the 4.65-meter height restrictions implemented in Ireland.

The first time these requirements have been met in one trailer, the trailers usually used for transportation to Ireland included wheel boxes built into the load space of the lower deck. In order to offer Maxi Haulage more space for crates, the company wanted a trailer that have a completely flat load space. Tiger managed to fulfill this requirement while still complying to the Irish height restriction. The new trailer will allow the hauliers to increase their cargo by seven cages, which equates to a 10% increase in capacity.

The new trailers will allow the company to improve their efficiency levels as well as boosting their productivity which will benefit their customers. The low running trailers used before by Maxi made it difficult to load and unload from the ferry. Tiger also made sure that the new trailer that they manufactured for their client simplified this transportation process. The changes made by the manufacturer reduces the likelihood that the trailer would sustain damage and would as a result lower operating costs for the company.

The new double deck trailers that have been manufactured by Tiger Trailers also include a range of bespoke elements such as gates on the neck of the trailers, and a sloping rear floor to aid with loading and unloading.

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