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TBF Thompson’s New Range of DAF XF 510 Demonstrators Are Being Fitted

TBF Thompson's New Range of DAF XF 510 Demonstrators Are Being Fitted

TBF Thompson’s new range of DAF XF 510 demonstrators are being fitted with top of the range tyres that have been supplies by the well known tyre manufacturer, Michelin. The newly developed TBF Thompson vehicles are being fitted for the 315/70 R 22.5 steer and drive tyres that have come from the X Multi ‘regional’ range from Michelin.

The newest demonstrator vehicle has been manufactured with the Michelin tyre as standard in the factory in order to allow customers to experience the best the at the XF range of truck can offer. The demonstrator has also been fitted with leather seats and a selection of in-cab options that offer the best driver comfort available.

The demonstrator that is on display will be going up for sale at some point in the next six months, therefore being equipped with Michelin tyres that are long lasting will allow the future owner of the DAF XF 510 created by TBF Thompson peace of mind.

The tyres on a vehicle are thought to be vital to getting the best performance possible, therefore for TBF Thompson chose the premium tyres that are manufactured by Michelin for their demonstrator vehicle. The 6×2 44-tonne tractor has been manufactured with a DAF Super Space sleeper cab as well as lightweight alloy wheels and a 17.5 mini mid-lift axle. The features of this vehicle have also allowed for the space to install an increased capacity fuel tank.

The XF has been fitted with the 315/70 R 22.5 as opposed to more traditional fitments in line with the increasing dimension of truck tyres that are available on the UK market. The increasing options in this market allow customers to choose the most up to date tyre technologies for their vehicle, and a range of research and development looking into larger tyres first as they are a popular option across Europe.

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