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Michelin Releases new Tyre Range

Michelin Releases new Tyre Range

Gerry Jones Transport has become one of the first fleets in the UK to install Michelin’s new X Multi D series tyres. The tyres released by Michelin are 315/70 R 22.5 drive products that were first revealed at the CV Show. The new products are supposed to deliver up to a 20% increase in mileage potential. This increase is in comparison to the previous X MultiWay 3D range of tyres offered by Michelin.

The tyre manufacturer invests €700 million each year into research and development. The new 315/70 R 22.5 drive tyres and the X Multi D series. The investment funds the delivery of new innovations and that could improve deliver and performance on their clients’ vehicles. This annual investment has also led to the manufacture of Powercoil, new steel casing cables that can help to make tyres lighter but more robust, which offers better endurance and reduced rolling resistance. Another adaptation Michelin has added to their tyres is the Regenion tread technology which progressively reveals hidden grooves which allow for the grip of the tyre to be maintained. Also The Tower Pump sipes added to the tread blocks offers more traction on slippery road surfaces by breaking the surface of a film of water as the tyre passes through.

Michelin are well known for being the leading tyre manufacturer. When testing their new products, and coming up with more innovative and efficient products. The previous version of Michelin’s tyres offered a quality that was in a league of its own, and the manufacture predicts that the new X Multi D product will be even better than its predecessor.

The new tyres that have been installed by Gwent based haulage company Gerry Jones Transport have been designed to deliver a high standard of grip across all weather conditions while offering the lowest cost per kilometre possible.

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