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Iveco Expands Natural Power Range and Sponsors FTA Transport Manager Autumn Conference

Iveco Expands Natural Power Range and Sponsors FTA Transport Manager Autumn Conference

Iveco, the truck manufacturer has shown their support for the freight industry by sponsoring the Freight Transport Association Transport Manager Autumn Conference Series. The manufacturing company works to supply the UK with a range of class leading products. Iveco has recently announced a new range of natural power vehicles that includes Daily, Eurocargo and Stralis.

Iveco is already a leader in the natural gas market, and has expanded on this with the creation of the Eurocargo Natural Power, which is available as a 12 tonne and 16 tonne 4×2 rigid with a choice between a 3,105 mm and a 5,670 mm wheel base. Both of these models of truck have six litre Iveco Tector engines that are capable of delivering 204 hp with a maximum range of 400 km. The natural gas vehicles emit 35% less NOx emissions comparison to diesel and 95% less particulate matter. These statistics mean that the Natural Power vehicles use the most environmentally friendly fuel available on the commercial market.

Iveco has over two decades of experience in the commercial vehicle Natural Power market and has delivered 22,000 gas-powered busses, trucks and vans that have been sold to date. Iveco’s sponsorship of the FTA Transport Manager Autumn Conference series is another way that the manufacturing company are showing dedication to reducing emissions, by advocating education and discussions about the best solutions for the challenges in the freight industry.

The FTA conference series takes place between September and November. The conference offers fleet managers and operators a chance to hear for key figures in the industry and explore the challenges that are seen in the freight transport industry today. So far in the conference series, the DVSA has discussed enforcement of roadside stops and the National Counter Terrorism Police has given advice on the prevention of vehicle use for terrorist activity.

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