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FM Conway Received a Delivery of Centre Balanced Drawbar

FM Conway Received a Delivery of Centre Balanced Drawbar

FM Conway has received a delivery of centre balanced drawbar that has come from Andover Trailers that have been designed especially for the Infrastructure services company. The trailers that have been supplied by Andover Trailers have been earmarked to be used for the further assistance of their expanding road construction and maintenance operations.

The trailers that have been delivered to FM Conway have been manufactured to be unique by Andover Trailers. The alterations of the vehicles are expected to allow for a quicker transportation of FM Conway’s asphalt chip spreaders to their sites.

The work to tailor the centre balanced drawbar trailers was carried out by Tex Engineering. The investment into these trailers has occurred as the presence of chip spreaders is central to the work FM Conway carries out as part of their highway surfacing and maintenance projects. The suppliers have previously been supplied with their own trailers, than have been purpose built, however the trailers that are provided are not fitted with a power braking system. This feature means that the trailers cannot be used on EU roads, which then impedes FM Conway while carrying out their operations.

The design team working at Andover Trailers were given the measurements for the two different chip spreaders used by FM Conway and access to one of the illegal trailers in order to develop a road legal trailer that is a nine-tonne tandem-axle drawbar trailer that would be able to carry either of the chip spreaders to and from site. This new equipment will save the infrastructure services company time, manpower and money when transporting the chip spreaders to site.

The new trailers can also be towed by the company’s Volvo FE320 4×2 rigid vehicles, meaning that extra expense for a suitable vehicle is also avoided. This new addition of transportation equipment will make FM Conway much more efficient and will allow them to continue their excellent service for their customers.

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