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Asset Alliance Revealed That They Are Helping Steinhoff

Asset Alliance Revealed That They Are Helping Steinhoff

Asset Alliance has revealed that they will be helping Steinhoff with a supply of the de-mountable truck body system. The manufacturer of a de-mountable truck solution has announced that they would be working with Steinhoff, the company which owns Bensons for Beds and Harveys. The companies will be working together in order to improve the efficiency of Steinhoff’s warehouse as well as their delivery systems in order to make them faster and more simple to fulfill.

The furniture retail business has revealed that they have ordered 67 new DAF trucks that all feature the Martin Williams de-mountable bodies. The trucks have been supplied to the business on a hire basis by Asset Alliance. The vehicles that have been supplied are on a five-year full service agreement. The commercial vehicle supplier has also equipped Steinhoff with 71 extra de-mount boxes which should help to improve the warehouse and delivery systems that are in place.

The freestanding boxes that have been supplied as part of the hire agreement can be pre-loaded in the warehouse for both the Bensons for Beds and Harveys brands while the trucks can continuously be in use making deliveries. This system is thought to be more flexible for the company and led to the de-mount boxes being swapped directly at the out-base locations of the warehousing facility.

So far the alteration to the warehousing and delivery operations have been a success, so much so that Steinhoff are thinking of increasing their hire of 67 new trucks, initially brought in on a trial period, to replace their entire fleet of 275 commercial vehicles. The retail furniture company have predicted significant productivity and efficiency gains through the use of this new streamlined fleet solution.

Steinhoff have 10 12 tonne DAF LF 260 trucks which are now in operation in Lutterworth carrying out 24-hour trunking duties as well as 57 7.5 tonne DAF LF 160 trucks which are working as part of the home delivery fleet and operating in locations such as Accrington, Dagenham, Dublin, Huntingdon, Lutterworth and Warrington. It is thought that the vehicles on the home delivery fleet will cover 75,000 miles each year.

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