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Autolift 40 Tonne Air Powered Hydraulic Twin Ram Pit Jack

40T Air Twin Ram Front 2

Autolift Limited has been in the business of designing and manufacturing commercial vehicle lifting equipment for over 2 decades and have thousands of models spread across the UK and around the globe. They offer a range of robust, durable & reasonably priced models to cover a range of commercial vehicle lifting applications whether in a pit or on the workshop floor – all covered by their extensive 5 year warranty.

Autolift have just re-launched a completely new design of their 40 Tonne Air Powered Hydraulic Twin Ram Pit Jack. The new streamlined design is very sleek and definitely improves upon the bulky models usually seen for such high capacity jacks. Most importantly, the re-design was done to improve the overall performance and life-span of the jack taking advantage of the latest advancements in seal technology to provide a market leading piece of equipment.

As with all Autolift twin ram pit jacks, the 40T model comes with a triple-layer of safety features as standard; a safety lowering valve, anti-burst valves in both cylinders and ram lock-off handles which prevent accidental lowering. They also offer Security struts, which can be fitted to all their jacks, to offer an extra layer of security to the user if requested.

Autolift’s jacks are powered by a high output air pump to the cylinders & thus raising the rams to their full 400mm stroke in 45-60 seconds for 20 Tonne models & 60-75 seconds for their new 40 Tonne model. Furthermore, Autolift use a unique ‘air-over-oil’ design in their jacks which not only increases the performance of the jack but also improves the life-stan of the chrome cylinders, compared to other manufacturers’ designs, by keeping them emersed in oil when not in use.

There are a range of other models on offer to suit any customer’s requirements – both single and twin ram pit jacks, floor jacks, lift-mounted jacks and transmission jacks. All of which are made in their UK facility.


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