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Pentameter is a transformation design company.
The mission is to release peoples’ passion and purpose,
revitalise brands, and build confident, high-performing cultures.

Pentameter believe that when you put purpose and meaning at the heart of what you do, you create a business that can change the world.
This is why Pentameter was born, to release people’s passion and purpose, then enable them to transform this into an amazing and powerful future.

Co-creation (literally meaning ‘creating something together’) is aimed at making the design process accessible to non-designers. It is a high participation and social process that epitomises our philosophy and practice for productive and creative working with clients and their customers.

Pentameter believe successful organisations of the future will be understood as complex living organisms consisting of ‘whole’ people within the context of community – not cogs within processes on an organisation chart.
Pentameter focus inquiry on what is life-giving, energising, joyful and fun.


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