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Edinn Keeps It Simple

Founded in 2004, Edinn is becoming one of the world’s most popular Open Digital Operations Plastforms and is used by thousands of customers around the world.

Edinn is the base platform for any Industry 4.0 and Work Management project because it includes the necessary ‘core’ elements and, on them, utilising the favoured development environment, allows to solve any need. With Edinn, partners have a complete back-end access to develop and manage an Industry 4.0 and Work Management business line.

The Edinn platform incorporates modules for the Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System or MES), the Work Management, the Internet of Things (IoT), 14 standard modules including tools such as Maintenance, Quality and more. This is in addition to optimisation via Operational Intelligence (OI), Big Data and Machine Learning, and an open API for development.

All that power could end up becoming, itself, an obstacle for productivity, as it happens to many other technological solutions. This is known as the ‘plane paradox’. It has been proved in recent years that more automated planes require, paradoxically, more training from pilots, as more automation means more overwhelming scenarios. That was another key point. The Edinn team knew this since the beginning and have been continuously working to reduce the number of buttons, menus, questions, and unnecessary options. The result is big text, simple and scarce iconised buttons, and continuous guidance for the user on where to click or go next. A solution so simple on the outside, that many users think that other market solutions are more powerful as they are more difficult to use… quite the opposite.

To sum up, 50% more production capacity, 40% increase in productivity, ten times valuation and profit, all for this UK company in 18 months, thanks to the combination of the right partner and technology. Real magic of the twenty first century

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